The main objectives of BARMS are-

  1. To create awareness in the field of records and archives management in the country;
  2. To help develop the National Archives of Bangladesh to become the crucial actor in reaching accessibility to become the crucial actor in reaching accessibility to government archives and records as well as proper records management in government sectors;
  3. To work for institutional cooperation, networking and sharing of information;
  4. To help all quarters of the Government of Bangladesh to implement the Archives Ordinance and propagate awareness about the Right to Information Act and to encourage proper management of records at all levels;
  5. To train record keepers and officers-in-charge of Record Rooms;
  6. To inspect Record Rooms and to create awareness among records creating agencies as well as to provide to the relevant people necessary instruction, guidelines and advice for proper records management;
  7. To promote transparency in government and help to establish good governance.
  8. To work closely with international bodies like International council on Archives (ICA): South West Asian Regional Branch of ICA (SWARBICA) etc.;

To take all other actions in this regard with a view to achieving the overall objectives of the Society.