Know About BARMS

  1. Brief summary of the activities of BARMS since 2009 In 2009, some of us who were interested in the development of archives and historical studies in Bangladesh formed a Society named Bangladesh Archives and Records Management Society in short BARMS to make pertinent stakeholders aware of the importance of archives /archival development in the country and the preservation of historical records and documents.It is purely a non-political, educational and a voluntary body run by an Executive Committee elected for two years.

    During the last few years we have carried out many activities like workshops and seminars for raising awareness among the public and other stakeholders about the need for preserving records and documents;  gave  training to the archivists and record keepers in the conservation and preservation of public and private records both in traditional and digital forms ; helped  setting up archives; met high government officials and ministers highlighting the unsatisfactory state of record keeping in public offices in the country; visited district and divisional offices drawing the attention of  relevant officials to the need of good record keeping; participated in international seminars and conferences etc. on archives; observed International Archives Day every year on 9 June since 2012 and most importantly put pressure upon the government to enact an  Archives Law.

    At the moment a draft archival law is being prepared to which BARMS has also contributed. We do not claim that we have achieved a lot but our efforts are not all in vain.

    The general awareness about importance of archives and record keeping has increased and the Right to Information Act, 2009 is an outcome of this awareness. Moreover, at least in one sector we have achieved a grand success. During our visits to District and Divisional Record Rooms throughout the country we found most of them housed in dilapidated buildings and utterly neglected; records are preserved in the most unsatisfactory manner.

    When we asked about the reasons for such un-kempt record rooms, the officials explained that there was no budget allocated for the maintenance of Record Rooms and hence they were not properly looked after. We took up the matter with the relevant higher authorities who assured us that the matter would be looked into.